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Ep 11. Lend Me a Fiver; I Like Dick Diver (...and Total Control

Episode 11 finallllyyy comes very close to the present day with two bands from Melbourne, Australia who started in 2008 and played through the 2010s. In Dick Diver we find the jangling guitar pop band who unwittingly spearheaded a non-genre...and in Total Control we see an intimately related band, who turned to sounds of mania, dystopia and paranoia to become one of the most influential bands of the decade. Listen now below or anywhere else you listen to podcasts. SPOTIFY  /  WHOOSHKAA  /  iTUNES  /  STITCHER

Ep 10. Nothing Pleases; I Like Country Teasers (...and Lucille Bogan)

Last episode we came up into the '90s garage revival, and we stay there (tangentially) with "evil country outfit" Country Teasers. We look at their stumble down the slippery slope of satire before shifting all the way back to the 1920s to find Lucille Bogan: maybe the most radical song-writer who ever lived. Listen now below or anywhere else you listen to podcasts. SPOTIFY  /  WHOOSHKAA  /  iTUNES  /  STITCHER

Ep 9. Dead Inside; I Like R.L. Burnside (...and Cheater Slicks)

The last couple episodes dealt with the reactions to punk in the British post-punk movement and the absurdity of the Texan anti-punks, but this one takes a formal, yet indirect step into the 1990s. We get to that decade's garage revival and the story of the most unloved band of the non-movement in Cheater Slicks. But in the spirit of revival, we reach back to a blues player who was unexpectedly lifted from obscurity by a crossover record with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: the incredible R.L. Burnside. Listen now below via your favourite podcast listening method. SPOTIFY  /  WHOOSHKAA  /  iTUNES  /  STITCHER

Ep 8. Life Makes Me Nervous; I Like Butthole Surfers (...and Stick Men With Ray Guns)

Episode 8 of Barely Human continues into the post-punk space discussed last week... but where the London post-punk response was community-minded and in the realm of 'unpop,' this week we look at the Texan response with anti-punks Butthole Surfers and Stick Men With Ray Guns. Everything is  bigger in Texas, and it's a predictably wild ride that you can listen to via these links: SPOTIFY  /  WHOOSHKAA  /  iTUNES  /  STITCHER