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REISSUE: Final Six Weeks of 2020

  "REISSUE" A brief note! Over the final six weeks of 2020, we're going to go through the first series of BARELY HUMAN for the benefit of those that missed it the first time around (which was initially released over the first six weeks of 2020 which... did not pan out for anyone as expected). We'll go through the series in two episode parts over instagram and twitter , and hopefully drum up a small conversation on reflection. Maybe it sucked? Maybe it did not? Either way I'm looking into options for keeping the project alive next year and maybe we can find a way there: together . You can listen to the podcast itself at the links below, or follow the retrospective coverage on the social media pages. If you are among those who are fans of physical media, an option is the cassette audiobook version which can be purchased as a set, or in two episode blocks from this WEBSTORE . If you don't mind being a pest, please share the series around and try spread the