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The Barely Human Project: A zine and cassette bootleg subscription service for 2021

  To raise funds for the research, writing and production of Barely Human Season 2, the pod has become an ongoing project, retooling as an interim zine and cassette subscription service throughout 2021 featuring material from the next series... More info below, or jump in now at human ~~~ The BARELY HUMAN project is a series of ongoing works charting an underground music anti-history of the misunderstood, footnoted, glossed over and forgotten artists of the past and present. It has appeared in zine format, and most recently as a podcast that ran through the opening months of 2020, charting a long social history of underground music – from the countercultural promise of the hippies and the punks, to the subcultural practice of post-punk and hardcore. You can listen to Barely Human via the links at This patreon is designed with the goal of making the second season of Barely Human, which is ready to step into the writing and researching phase,