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2022 UPDATE: Mail Order (Zines) Now Live!

 After clearing out hundreds of spam comments on this piece of shit website and consulting some piece of shit back end functions of pay pal dot com, I've finally got an online store happenin for the 2021 zine series that went to the patreon (now CLOSED).  If you missed any of these, or didn't know they existed by virtue of the closed off secretive and expensive nature of the patreon attempt, they're now all located here for purchase: Sorry for my love of Web 1.0 but it may be a pain to operate.. email me at if you need a hand with anything or for more direct purchasing options.  ALL ZINES COME WITH FREE CASSETTE TAPES (You can email about that too).  Anyway - just back catalogue in there for now, but some new things coming soon I hope. Here's a photo of our pals: