Barely Human began as a trilogy of print essays (on Randy Newman, Butthole Surfers and Country Teasers) via independent imprint MoodWar, with a final edition co-published with Meatspin Prints (on Low Life). In 2020, these zines were adapted into audio documentary (...podcast) form, and smeared in with 20 other bands to form the first series of the [audio documentary] --> anchor.fm/barelyhuman

Written and hosted by  Max Easton, and produced by Jason L'Ecuyer and Martin Peralta, the series followed a thread from sixties counter-culture to contemporary sub-culture through the stories of these unusual characters. From hippies and punks to the age of obscurity, it asked how we got here, what any of it meant and how it might inform the underground music to come. 

In 2021, the podcast went on indefinite hiatus. With no funding sources forthcoming, it evolved back to its roots to publish and distribute self-published zines (largely typewritten in the cut-and-paste tradition) via a subscription service. 

The back catalogue from 2021 is located here: https://www.barelyhuman.info/p/mail-order-zines.html 

In 2022, Barely Human will continue as a zine and cassette tape hub by mail order only. Some more info on the podcast below:


About the Host
Max Easton is a writer from south west Sydney whose work has appeared in publications including Mess+Noise, Sydney Review of Books, Meanjin, Science for the People, VICE and The Lifted Brow. He is the editor of the Tempered music journal, and published a series of print essays from 2016 - 2018 through MoodWar, which have now been adapted as the Barely Human podcast. He has played in a number of Sydney punk bands including BB & The Blips, Basic Human, The Baby and Romance. His first novel The Magpie Wing, was published by Giramondo in 2021. 

Contact: max.e.easton@gmail.com
Website: maxeaston.com


About the Producer 
Jason L'Ecuyer is an audio producer based in Sydney. His love for audio started when he was ten, creating documentaries with his brother about his neighbourhood on a Playskool cassette recorder. The highlight of his young career was a tell-all interview with the family dog.

He's come along way since those days but has always had a love of storytelling. Originally from the Appalachian Mountains in the US, he draws influences from mountain folklore, DIY music scenes and old oral histories.

Jason has created podcasts for Fairfax Media, Radio National Pocket Docs, FBi Radio's All the Best and the Australian Centre for Public History. While at 2SER Radio in Sydney, his work focused on sharing publicly-funded academic research through storytelling, in order to benefit society at large. There, he worked on shows such as Think: Business Futures, GLAMcity History Lab. Jason works as a freelance audio producer for Heaps Good Media.

Contact: jasonplecuyer@gmail.com
Website: www.jasonlecuyer.com/