"This is Art," or... it's meant ot look this way

I know this website and the show art is questionable, but this is only half an accident: it's meant ot look this way. When designer Alex Dabi Zhevi (MoodWar) and I sat down to talk about show art, I'd just finished researching the electric eels episode. A band with very few formal references, the research necessarily had to lean on websites of  mid-2000s chic like ClePunk and the electric eels 'official' web page.

Alex went straight to mining that era's website schlock... lewd colours, clip art, broken frames, pixels... and came up with what you see in front of you (and will see for each weekly episode). Maybe it was initially meant to repulse but somehow seems right now? Hard on the eyes, but warm on the heart?


In researching the bands that appear in Barely Human, through books and publications and zines on one hand, and on long lost websites on the other... there are nests of rabbit holes made up of misguided attempts at latter-day website design. When it came to approaching a web designer to intentionally make something look bad... I realised that if there's anyone who can't make a website right, and can't make it right for free... that person is me.

This horribly designed website looks very unprofessional but was (sometimes on purpose) doctored to just break down wherever it could, while still retaining a semblance of functionality... For reference, see these other websites used for research during the making of this series:

All About Blues Music - https://www.allaboutbluesmusic.com

The Fugs - https://www.thefugs.com/

Black Randy - http://www.blackrandy.com/

Television Personalities - http://www.televisionpersonalities.co.uk/

RedHotJazz - http://www.redhotjazz.com/

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