In 2021, Barely Human ran a [online subscription conglomerate] mail order service featuring zine-based discussions accompanied by free cassette tapes, merch items and the like.. mailing out to 50+ subscribers spread across Australia, New Zealand, the US and UK, Germany and Italy. It was very nice! 

In 2022, due to capital L ~life~ Barely Human can't commit to regular deliveries, so it's transitioning to a mail order service through the very dodgy looking (but believe me, completely legitimate insofar as [behemoth digital payment service] can claim fiscal legitimacy) online shopping buttons below this contents table. 

Add your items bit by bit (it's annoying I know) and it'll build a [behemoth digital payment service] cart for you, resulting in payment and thus: delivery (more on that at the bottom).


BHZINE01: Rather You Didn't Know; I Like David Allan Coe

A typewritten two page mini-zine discussing the life, times, and whys of 'outlaw' country musician David Allan Coe and his deep cuts, from the Rhinestone Cowboy persona to the Longhaired Redneck, the problematics of the 'Underground Albums' and the forgotten and fantastical 'Requiem for a Harlequin.' 

Comes with a FREE cassette tape feat. 90 minutes of music!!!!!!!
BHZINE02: Cease & Desist in Hand; I Like Negativland

A typewritten two page mini-zine outlining the glorious piss-taking antagonism and consequences of San Francisco's Negativland: the band who pushed IP law to its limits, and were sued by U2 (for naming their record... U2). 

Comes with a FREE cassette tape feat 90 minutes of music!!!!
BHZINE03: Closest Rhyme is Tinea; Mi Piace CCCP: Fedeli Alla Linea

A typewritten two page mini-zine about Italy's USSR-themed conceptual punk by way of post-punk band, CCCP: Fedeli Alla Linea. Discussion of their points of parody and point-making up until the fall of the Berlin Wall (where they re-branded to: C.S.I - Comunità degli Stati Indipendenti).

Comes with a FREE cassette tape feat 90 minutes of music!!!!
BHZINE04: With Very Few Doubts; I Like (the bands of) Ron House

A typewritten two page mini-zine on the great mid-western survivor Ron House - from college rock oddities Great Plains, to '90s punks Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, folk anti-supergroup Ego Summit at 2000s stayers Counterintuits. 

Comes with a FREE cassette tape feat 90 minutes of music!!!!
BHZ04: That's Enough Punky; I Like Folk 'n' Country
A typewritten two page mini-zine condensed and re-written from the out-of-print long-form zine... discussing the mysterious (and seemingly irresistible) pull of country music to the ageing out punker. From the anti-communist targeting of early folk, to country music points of difference and the admission that a whole generation discovered country music via an in-game radio station of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (2003). 

Comes with a FREE cassette tape feat 90 minutes of music!!!!
BH001 - BH012: The Complete Barely Human Podcast Series in Cassette Audiobook Form

Dubbed to cassette, all twelve episodes of Season 1 of the Barely Human podcast series (located digitally at Two episodes per tape in the format they were meant for: nice snug point to counterpoint on each side, tucked into shitty plastic cases. 

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